GE 45606 Switch User Manual

Please Note: After a power failure, the 45606 dimmer switch
returns to OFF state.
LED Indicator
The LED will be lit when the connected lighting is OFF.
This is the factory default setting and can be changed if your
primary controller supports the node configuration function (see
Advanced Operation below)
The following Advanced Operation parameters require that you
have an advanced controller like the model 45601 Advanced
remote. Advanced remotes from other manufacturers may also
be able to change these settings; however, basic remotes do not
have this capability.
All On/All Off
Depending upon your primary controller, the 45606 dimmer switch
can be set to respond to ALL ON and ALL OFF commands in up to
four different ways. Some controllers may not be able to change
the response from its default setting. Please refer to your controller’s
instructions for information on whether or not it supports the
configuration function and if so, how to change this setting.
The four possible responses are:
It will respond to ALL ON and the ALL OFF command
It will not respond to ALL ON or ALL OFF commands.
It will respond to the ALL OFF command but will not respond
to the ALL ON command.
It will respond to the ALL ON command but will not respond
to the ALL OFF command.