GE ML2400 Switch User Manual

All software information, including new releases and upgrades, can be accessed and
download from the GE Multilin website at
2.3.4 Redundant Power Supply
With the redundant power supply, the ML2400 can receive power from either power supply
1 (A) or power supply 2 (B). The switch load is shared if both power supplies are available.
The unit will not allow power to flow from a one input to another input (i.e. the two power
sources are not mixed together by the switch).
When one power supply is present, the ML2400 will receive power even if the other power
supply is absent, or if it is connected with reverse polarity, shorted, or grounded.
If reverse polarity connections should accidentally occur on either input, they will not
damage the ML2400 or power supply (nor will it blow the fuse in the internal power supply)
because of the blocking action of the diodes. This is true even if one input connection is
reversed while the Switch is operating from the other source.
The ML2400 will not receive power (and will not work) when both inputs are simultaneously
The status of the power supplies can be queried with the
show power command.
show power
Power supply 1 on the switch is power input A and power supply 2 on the switch is power
input B. For example,
ML2400# show power
Power Input A Good.
Power Input B Good.
The show power command is only available in switches with redundant power supplies.
2.3.5 Additional Features and Benefits
Managed switching for high performance Ethernet LANs: The ML2400 provides
non-blocking (all ports can run at full speed) performance with standard managed
networks software included.
Switching services includes 802.1p QoS packet prioritization: The ML2400
switching hardware supports QoS, giving packet processing priority to priority
tagged packets according to the IEEE 802.1p standard. For port- and application-
specific priorities of data, the QoS software may be configured.
Features fiber-built-in: The ML2400 is designed to include fiber ports and
supports mixes of multi-mode and single-mode, 10/100/1000 Mb speed, full-and
half-duplex, and GBIC fiber connectors. The RJ45 10/100 ports can also be
configured with the mix of port types.
Relay contacts for monitoring internal power and user-defined software
events: Two alarm relay contacts monitor basic operations. One is for hardware
and will signal loss of power internally. The other is software controllable and will
signal user-defined software events such as a security violation.
Modular design for port flexibility, in a 1U space-saving rack-mount package:
The 1U ML2400 chassis has four slots for port configuration. A family of 4, 6 or 8
port modules allows the user to select the desired mix of port types and speeds.