GE ML2400 Switch User Manual

2.4 Applications
2.4.1 Description
The MultiLink ML2400 Ethernet Switch offers high performance and modularity. It provides
the flexibility of 100 Mbps fiber, copper, and Gigabit ports, with industry-standard LAN
management software. The ML2400 switches are easily used in a variety of applications,
including MANs (metropolitan area networks) client/server computing, secure VLAN
performance upgrades to departmental networks, and LAN traffic centers requiring Gb
backbone services. The performance characteristic of the ML2400 switches enable them
to interconnect a series of subnets (one subnet per ML2400 port) in a LAN traffic center.
The subnet connections may be via fiber or twisted pair cabling, 100 or 10 Mbps speed,
and full-or half-duplex mode.
The mixed-media capability of the ML2400 is ideal for upgrading existing Ethernet LAN
networks where existing cabling must be accommodated. The fiber media capability is
ideal for integrating future-proof fiber cabling into the LAN structure.
2.4.2 ML2400 Switch for a VLAN Application
The MultiLink ML2400 Ethernet Switch can handle VLAN applications and provide security
and performance in Ethernet network centers. A secure VLAN-enabled network is an
administratively configured broadcast domain. The network administrator determines
which ports and nodes belong to certain broadcast domains by setting membership
profiles. The ML2400 VLAN capability can be developed in several types of virtual LANs,
such as port-based or tag-based VLANs.
In an office environment where departments such as Finance, Engineering, R&D, and
Marketing require a secure LAN, the ML2400 VLAN feature will prevent traffic cross-over
among domains and keep sensitive data and information under control. The managed
ML2400 with VLANs capability is ideal for any application where a secure VLAN is required
for multiple departments.
The modularity of the ML2400 makes it an attractive choice for applications with LAN
connections to an multiple site offices. Disparate offices can be easily connected with the
Fiber ports supported by the ML2400 switch. A main NT-based server in a secure area,
protected from earthquake or fire hazards, can be connected to the full duplex Gigabit
fiber port.
Full-duplex future proof fiber media can easily connect long distance subnets and provide
a stable secure network to all applications. The SNMP management capability of the
ML2400 allows the creation of a database of all network subnets.