GE ML2400 Switch User Manual

Multilink ML2400
Ethernet Communications Switch
Chapter 3: Installation
GE Consumer & Industrial
Instal lation
3.1 Preparation
3.1.1 Precautions
Before installing the equipment, it is necessary to take the following precautions if the
equipment is mounted in an enclosed or multiple rack assembly:
1. Ensure the environmental temperature is less than or equal to 50°C.
2. Maintain adequate air flow for proper and safe operation.
3. Placement of the equipment must not overload or unevenly load the rack
4. Verify the equipment's power requirements to prevent overloading of
electrical circuits.
5. Verify that the equipment has a reliable and uncompromised grounding path.
6. Equipment is to be installed by service personnel in a restricted operation
This chapter describes installation of the MultiLink ML2400 Ethernet Switch, as well as
connection of the various Ethernet media types.
3.1.2 Locating the ML2400
For mounting instructions, refer to Mechanical Installation on page 3–6.
The location of a ML2400 switch is dependent on the physical layout of the network. The
ML2400 is typically placed in a central location where groups of network devices need to
communicate. These switches are typically rack mounted in a wiring closet see Section
3.3.2 below), but because they have rubber feet they can also be installed on a shelf or
table top unit. The compact size allows the ML2400 to be easily placed in an office or lab
area, and it can also be either shelf of wall-mounted (see Section 3.3.1 below).