GE ML2400 Switch User Manual

This process can also be used to update new software to the managed MultiLink switches.
Before the software is updated, it is advised to save the configurations. Reloading of the
configuration is not usually necessary, but in certain situations it may be needed, and it is
recommended that you save configurations before a software update. Make sure to
reboot the switch after a new configuration is loaded.
The file transfer operations allowed are:
1. Image Download (or Image Upload): Copy the ML2400 image from switch to
the server (or from the server to the switch). The “Image Upload” option is
commonly used to upgrade the ML2400 image on the switch.
2. Config Download (or Config Upload): Save the configuration of the switch on
the server (or load the saved configuration from the server to the switch). This
option is used to save a backup of the ML2400 configuration or restore the
configuration (in case of a disaster.)
3. Script Download (or Script Upload): Save the necessary CLI commands used
for configuration of the switch (or upload the necessary CLI commands
needed to configure the switch). This option is used to ease the repetitive task
of configuring multiple commands or reviewing all the commands needed to
configure the ML2400.
4. Host Download (or Host Upload): Save the host information. The hosts are
created by the Configuration - Access - Host commands
5. Log Upload - Save the log file on the ftp/tftp server
To save any changes,
Z Click on the save ( ) icon.
The software will ask again if the changes need to be saved or
Z If the changes need to be ignored, click on Cancel and reboot the
Z If the changes need to be saved, click on OK.
The following figures illustrate saving changes made after adding an SNTP server. This is
done by clicking on the Save icon to save current configuration