Quatech SSP-100 Network Card User Manual

5 OS/2 Installation
In order to use the SSP-100 Client Driver for OS/2, the system must be configured as
1. The system must be running OS/2 version 2.1 or later.
2. OS/2 PCMCIA Card and Socket Services support must be installed. If
PCMCIA support was not selected when OS/2 was installed, it can be added
using the Selective Install facility in the System Setup folder. On OS/2 2.1
and 2.11, Socket Services must be added separately. The necessary files can
be found on Compuserve in the OS2SUPPORT forum and may be available
elsewhere. These files are not available from Quatech, Inc.
3. Quatech's OS/2 serial port device driver, "QCOM" version 2.01 or later, is not
required but strongly recommended. The SSP-100 can operate with the
standard OS/2 serial port device drivers provided the logical COM port
number does not exceed four. If the logical COM port number is five, then
the "QCOM" driver is required. Quatech, Inc. can not guarantee the
operation of the SSP-100 with any other third party device drivers for OS/2.
4. There must be at least 8 bytes of available I/O space and 1 available IRQ.
After the system has been configured to the above specifications, the SSP-100 Client
Driver may be installed with the following procedure:
1. Copy the OS/2 client driver file from the distribution disk to any convenient
directory on the hard disk.
2. Open the CONFIG.SYS file using any ASCII text editor.
3. Add the following line to the CONFIG.SYS file: DEVICE =
drive:\path\SSP100.SYS options where options are the SSP-100 OS/2 Client
Driver command line options discussed in the following sections.
4. Save the CONFIG.SYS file, exit the text editor, shutdown the system, and
reboot to activate the changes.
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