Sharp R-380H Tablet Accessory User Manual

A40267, SCR/SCRNZ R380H O/M
The manual is divided into two sections:
This section describes your oven and teaches you how to
use all the features.
This section is at the back of the manual, it contains the
more commonly used information such as how to prepare
food, which cooking utensil to use, standing time.
It also contains recipes for automatic cooking and manual
Please take some time to read your operation manual careful-
ly, the automatic cooking menus programmed into your new
oven have been carefully developed to give optimum results
when the step-by-step instructions are followed.
When selecting another home appliance, please again con-
sider our full range of Sharp products.
Thank you for buying a Sharp Microwave Oven.
Your new oven has an "Information Display System"
which offers you step-by-step instructions to easily guide
you through each feature.
Your oven also has a HELP key for instructions on using
Auto Start, Demonstration Mode, Child Lock, Info on Pads
and Help.
We strongly recommend however that you read this
operation manual thoroughly before operating your oven,
paying particular attention to the safety warnings and
special notes.
Warranty Inside of front cover
Introduction 1
Warning 2
Special Notes 3
Installation Instructions 4
Oven Diagram 4
Operation of Touch Control Panel 5
Control Panel Display 5
Touch Control Panel Layout 5
Before Operating 6
Getting Started 6
Clock Setting 6
Stop/Clear 6
To Cancel a Programme During Cooking
Manual Operations 7
Microwave Time Cooking 7
Sequence Cooking 8
Instant Cook 8
Slow Cook 9
Automatic Operations 10
Notes for Automatic Operations 10
Sensor Reheat 10
Express Menus 11
Sensor Cook 14
Quick and Easy 15
Easy Defrost 16
Other Convenient Features 17
Help Feature 17
Less/More Setting 20
Increasing or Decreasing Time
During A Cooking Programme 20
Timer 21
Alarm 21
Care and Cleaning 22
Service Call Check 22
Specifications 22
Cooking Guides 1 - [
Quick Reference Guide See last page
R380H,O/M,P01-04 03.8.9, 4:43 PM1