Apple Cinema Display Computer Monitor User Manual

About Your Apple Displays Software
The Apple Displays Software is a set of files that let you adjust basic picture and color
m The Monitors control panel lets you change the way your computer displays images.
The Monitors control panel is located in the Control Panels folder in the Apple (K)
menu. For help using the Monitors control panel, open the Help menu and choose
Show Balloons. For more information, open the Help menu and choose Mac Help.
m The Sound control panel lets you change the way your computer processes sound.
You can use it to set speaker volume, select input and output devices such as
microphones and speakers, and choose other settings such as alert sounds. The
Sound control panel is located in the Control Panels folder in the Apple (K) menu.
For more information, see Mac Help.
m The Control Strip lets you quickly adjust screen resolution and color depth. For help
using the Control Strip, see Mac Help.
m DigitalColor Meter (located in the Apple [K] menu) lets you obtain the RGB (red,
green, and blue) values your computer uses to create colors and specify these values
using other color systems. For help using DigitalColor Meter, click the Help button in
the upper-right corner of the DigitalColor Meter window.
Color Picker for Apple lets you specify PANTONE
values for colors
used in your documents in many application programs. In these applications, the
System Color Picker opens automatically when a new color needs to be specified. For
more information about using the PANTONE
Color Picker for Apple, see Mac Help.
m ColorSync is Apple’s unique color-matching software that ensures the colors you
input (using a scanner or camera) closely match the colors you see on your screen
and on the printed page. For help using ColorSync, see Mac Help.
Installing the Apple Displays Software
Important Make sure that you install the software from the Apple Displays Software CD
that came with your monitor.
To install the Apple Displays Software, follow these steps:
1 Insert the Apple Displays Software CD into your computer’s CD-ROM drive.
The CD icon appears on the desktop.
2 Double-click the CD icon.
The Apple Displays Software window opens.
3 Double-click the folder that contains the language you want to use.
4 Double-click the Apple Displays Software folder.
5 Double-click the Upgrader icon to start the installation program.
6 Follow the instructions on the screen until the installation is complete.
Note: During installation, you are presented with the terms of your software license
agreement. Please read the terms carefully before you agree.
The program checks to make sure you have the system software you need to use the
display. If anything is missing, a message tells you what you need. You won’t be able to
install the software until you correct the problem.
After the installation, you need to restart your computer.
7 Click Restart.
The software is now installed and the display is ready for use.