Apple Cinema Display Computer Monitor User Manual

Important Safety Instructions
m Tu rn off the computer before setting up your Apple Cinema Display. Leave the
computer plugged into a grounded power outlet.
m When lifting or carrying the display, grasp the edges. Do not lift the display by the
stand or cables.
m Don’t place books or other objects under the display to raise the display height or
change the viewing angle. Place the display on a flat and stable surface.
m Don’t press or put hard objects against the screen or lay the monitor screen down.
m Read all the setup instructions carefully before you plug your display into a power
Don’t lift by the stand.
Don’t lift by the cable.
Lift here
For additional safety information, see “Safety” on page 15.
Warning Use only the power adapter that came with your display. Adapters for other
computer equipment may look similar, but they may damage your display.
This equipment is intended to be electrically grounded. This is a safety feature. Your
power cord has a plug that has a third grounding pin; be sure to connect it only to a
grounded outlet. If you are unable to insert the plug into the outlet, contact a
licensed electrician to replace the outlet with a properly grounded outlet. Do not
defeat the purpose of the grounding plug!
If your power cord connects directly to the power socket on your computer, be sure
that the computer is grounded.