Apple Cinema Display Computer Monitor User Manual

m Display: 25 pounds (11.34 kilograms)
m Power supply: 14 ounces (398 grams)
Display Dimensions
m Height: 18.9 inches (in.) (479 mm)
m Width: 23.1 in. (588 mm)
m Depth (with stand extended from 10˚ to 30˚ viewing angle): 8.27 in. (210 mm) to
12.17 in. (309 mm)
m Operating: 50˚ to 95˚ F (10˚ to 35˚ C)
m Storage (up to 6 months):
40˚ to 116˚ F (40˚ to 47˚ C)
m Shipping (up to 72 hours):
40˚ to 149˚ F (40˚ to 65˚ C)
Humidity (Noncondensing)
m Operating: 20% to 80%
m Storage (up to 6 months): 20% to 80%
m Shipping (up to 72 hours): 20% to 80%
m Operating: 0 to 10,000 feet (ft.) (0 to 3,030 meters [m])
m Shipping: 0 to 35,000 ft. (0 to 10,606 m)
Power-Saving and Environmental Features
The color of the power indicator light on the front of the monitor indicates the operating
Mac OS
Power mode Power indicator Power consumption Energy Saver mode
On Green <62 W Normal
Standby/Suspend Amber <5 W Monitor sleep
Off Off <5 W System sleep
For instructions on adjusting the system and display sleep settings and additional energy-
conservation information, see Mac Help.
m TCO/NUTEK: This product has been certified by TCO (the Swedish Confederation of
Professional Employees) to meet the standards for ergonomics, energy efficiency
(NUTEK), emissions, and ecology.
m MPR II: This product meets the strict limits for reduced electromagnetic and
electrostatic emissions.
partner, Apple Computer has determined that
this product meets the ENERGY STAR
guidelines for energy efficiency. The United
States Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR
program is a partnership
with office product equipment manufacturers to promote energy-efficiency. Reducing
energy consumption of office products saves money and reduces pollution by
eliminating wasted energy.