Apple Cinema Display Computer Monitor User Manual

Step 4: Connect a USB keyboard to the display, if
Connect your
USB keyboard here.
Step 5: Press the monitor power button.
Both your computer and monitor start up. After a few moments, the Macintosh desktop
appears on the screen.
If nothing appears or you see other problems, see “Troubleshooting” on page 13 for
more information.
How Do I Turn Off the Display?
Your monitor power button is preset to shut down or put to sleep both your monitor and
computer at the same time. Press the monitor power button again to start up or wake
the monitor and computer.
You can change the power button setting so that pressing the monitor power button
affects the monitor only. To change the power button setting, open the Monitors control
panel and change the power button setting in the Preferences section. For more
information about sleep settings and the Energy Saver or Monitors control panel, see
Mac Help.
What’s Next
Congratulations—you’ve finished setting up your display. Next, you need to install the
software that came with your display.