GE ZBTSD Switch User Manual

GE Zenith Controls 11
ZBTS / ZBTSD Operation and Maintenance Manual (71R-4000A)
Accessory Definitions
Single Phase Amp Meter
Three Phase Amp Meter
3000 Digital Power Monitor
5200 Digital Power Meter
EPM 5300 Digital Power Meter with Modbus Port
EPM 5350 Digital Power Meter with Ethernet Port
7430 Digital Power Meter , Wye or Delta
EPM 9450 Digital Power Meter, Ethernet
EPM 9450 Digital Power Meter with Internal 56K Mod.
EPM 9650 Digital Power Meter, Wye or Delta,
RS232 or RS485
EPM 9650 Digital Power Meter, Wye or Delta,
RS232 or RS485
Running Time Meter, Door mount
Operation Counter, Door Mount
Time Delay Source 2 Start. Adjustable 0-10 seconds.
Standard setting is 3 seconds.
Adjust via SET menu (see page 18)
Time Delay S2 Start. Adjustable 1/6 to 300 seconds.
Remote Peak Shave or Area Protection Circuit.
Energize Q2 to simulate Source 1 Line failure causing
the Generator to start and transfer the load to Source 2.
Should Emergency fail during this operation, Transfer
Switch will retransfer back to Source 1.
Remote inhibit transfer to Source 2 circuit. Energize
Q3 input to allow transfer to Source 2. To enable Q3
option, engage Q3 jumper.
Inhibit transfer to Source 1 circuit. Energize Q7 input
to prevent transfer to Source 1.
Source 1 Over Voltage sensing for single
and three phase systems.
Source 1 Over Voltage "Fail"
Factory Default: 110%
This adjustment determines the maximum acceptable
over voltage. Adjust via the SET menu. Range is 105%
to 110% in 1% increments (see page 18).
Once exceeded, the P timer begins timing to signal
the Generator to start.
Source 1 Over Voltage "Restore"
Factory Default: 105%
This adjustment determines the minimum acceptable
over Voltage threshold at which the Transfer Switch is
allowed to automatically transfer to Source 1. Adjust via
SET menu. Range is 103% to 108% in 1% increments.
"Restore" must be a minimum of 2% below "Fail" setting
(see page 18).
Load Shed
Should Source 2 become overloaded, a signal
can be given to switch to the dead or Mid position.
Phase Rotation Sensing
Can be turned on or off via CFG menu (see page 17).
Factory Default is on.
This feature prevents Line Source to Line Source trans-
fers from occurring between dissimilar phase sequences.
This condition is primarily caused by an installation
error. Connections from Source 1 and Source 2 need
be verified, compared, and corrected to remedy the
inconsistent phase rotation between the sources.
WARNING: Turning off this feature can cause
severe damage to loads.
Interruptable Power Rate Provisions.
Allow transfer out of Source 1 position to Source 2 or
dead Source 2. Alarm and Pre-Signal circuit included.