GE ZBTSD Switch User Manual

4 GE Zenith Controls
ZBTS / ZBTSD Operation and Maintenance Manual (71R-4000A)
: When the voltage and frequency
reach preset values, the Source 2
Available LED will illuminate.
7. Verify the phase to phase voltages at Source 2
line terminals.
8. Verify that the phase rotation of
Source 2 is the same as the phase
rotation of Source 1.
9. Shut down the generator's engine.
(Place in Automatic Mode.)
: Source 2 Available LED
will turn off.
NOTE: The engine generator will continue
to run for the duration of Source 2
Stop Delay Timer.
10. Place the disconnect switch to AUTO.
11. Complete the visual inspection of the
transfer switch.
12. Close the enclosure.
13. Lock the enclosure.
Figure 5 – LCD and keypad
Initial Energization
After all options and accessories are checked and
verified, follow these steps to set up the ATS. Refer to
Entelli-Switch 250 display Figure 5. The annunciation
LEDs illuminate to indicate (1) source availability,
(2) ATS position, and (3) Entelli-Switch 250 control
function (timing).
1. Unlock the enclosure.
2. Open the enclosure.
3. Place the Disconnect Switch in the Inhibit.
NOTE: This step is only performed if the
“DS” Option was purchased.
4. Close the external (up-stream) Source 1
circuit breaker.
: Source 1 Available and Source 1
Position LED’s will illuminate.
If Source 1 Available LED does not
illuminate, verify that Source 1 Voltage
is above the preset restore value.
The Gen-Set will start and run while
Source 2 stop Delay Timer is timing.
5. Close the External (up-stream) Source 2 line
circuit breaker.
6. Start the engine generator in
MANUAL mode.
When performing a hi-pot or
dielectric test on the power section,
ONNECT the control panel plugs from
the microprocessor to avoid potential damage.
MON 23 APR 2002