GE ZBTSD Switch User Manual

22 GE Zenith Controls
ZBTS / ZBTSD Operation and Maintenance Manual (71R-4000A)
Sequence of Operation
100-400 AMP
1) Automatic
a) Manually operated Bypass Switch contacts
(BN/BE) are open and ATS is supplying load.
b) Disconnect Switch (DS) is in Auto.
2) To Bypass ATS
a) Open bottom cabinet door and turn DS to Inhibit.
b) Position manual bypass handle (MBH) to same
power source as ATS.
3) To Test ATS
a) Bypass per above instructions.
b) Move ATS location handle (ALH) to Test location.
c) Turn DS to Auto.
d) Test Switch (TS) on bottom cabinet door
will allow electrical operation of ATS.
4) To Isolate ATS
a) Bypass per above instructions.
b) Move ALH to Isolate location.
5) To Remove ATS
a) Bypass and isolate per above instructions.
b) Move ALH to Release location.
c) Disconnect multipin plugs.
d) Lift ATS out of drawer.
6) To Reconnect ATS
a) Place ATS into drawer slots (front rollers first).
b) Turn DS to Inhibit.
c) Manually position ATS into same source
as Bypass Switch.
d) Reconnect multipin plugs and external
connections to ATS.
e) Push ATS inward to engage carriage.
f) Move ALH to Test location (as indicated by light).
g) Turn DS to Auto and use TS to electrically
operate ATS.
h) Turn DS to Inhibit.
i) Move ALH to Auto location.
j) Turn DS to Auto and open Bypass with MBH.
k) ATS is now fully automatic.
1. DS in Inhibit will prevent ATS electrical operation.
2. Do not use excessive force on mechanical handles.
3. Figures depict Bypass Source 1. Sequence is the same for Bypass Source 2.
4. When ATS is in Test or Isolate, Bypass Switch is manual transfer switch to either available source (indicated on light panel).
5. To operate Bypass Switch when ATS is in Test or Isolate, position MBH to available power source.
1. BP - Bypass switch (indicated by contacts BN/BE) is a three position switch.
2. ATS -Automatic Transfer Switch.
Figure 14