Honeywell 1500 All in One Printer User Manual

6 - 18
Code 128
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ISBT 128 Concatenation
In 1994 the International Society of Blood Transfusion (ISBT) ratified a
standard for communicating critical blood information in a uniform manner.
The use of ISBT formats requires a paid license. The ISBT 128 Application
Specification describes 1) the critical data elements for labeling blood prod-
ucts, 2) the current recommendation to use Code 128 due to its high
degree of security and its space-efficient design, 3) a variation of Code 128
that supports concatenation of neighboring symbols, and 4) the standard
layout for bar codes on a blood product label. Use the bar codes below to
turn concatenation on or off.
Default =Off.
* On
* Off