Honeywell 1500 All in One Printer User Manual

6 - 23
with Extended Coupon Code
Use the following codes to enable or disable UPC-A and EAN-13 with Extended
Coupon Code. When left on the default setting (Off), the scanner treats Cou-
pon Codes and Extended Coupon Codes as single bar codes.
If you scan the Allow Concatenation code, when the scanner sees the coupon
code and the extended coupon code in a single scan, it transmits both as sepa-
rate symbologies. Otherwise, it transmits the first coupon code it reads.
If you scan the Require Concatenation code, the scanner must see and read
the coupon code and extended coupon code in a single read to transmit the
data. No data is output unless both codes are read.
Default = Off.
Coupon GS1 DataBar Output
If you scan coupons that have both UPC and GS1 DataBar codes, you may
wish to scan and output only the data from the GS1 DataBar code. Scan the
GS1 Output On code below to scan and output only the GS1 DataBar code
Default = GS1 Output Off.
Allow Concatenation
* Off
Require Concatenation
* GS1 Output Off
GS1 Output On