Sharp PN-E802 Computer Monitor User Manual

Preparing the Remote Control Unit
Installing the batteries
1. Press the cover gently and slide it in the direction of the
2. See the instructions in the compartment and put in the
supplied batteries (R-6 (“AA” size) x 2) with their plus (+)
and minus (-) sides oriented correctly.
3. Close the cover.
When the batteries become exhausted, replace them with
new (commercially available) batteries.
The supplied batteries (R-6 (“AA” size) x 2) may become
exhausted quickly depending on how they are stored.
If you will not be using the remote control for a long time,
remove the batteries.
• Use manganese or alkaline batteries only.
Remote control operation range
The operation range of the remote control unit is approx. 16.4
feet (5 m) at an angle of approx 10° from the center to the top/
bottom/right/left of the remote control sensor.
control senso
(5 m)
Do not expose the remote control unit to shock by dropping
or stepping on it. This could lead to a malfunction.
Do not expose the remote control unit to liquids, and do not
place it in an area with high humidity.
• The remote control unit may not work properly if the remote
control sensor is under direct sunlight or strong lighting.
• Objects between the remote control unit and the remote
control sensor may prevent proper operation.
• Replace the batteries when they run low as this may
shorten the remote control’s operation range.
• If a uorescent light is illuminated near the remote control
unit, it may interfere with proper operation.
• Do not use it with the remote control of other equipment
such as air conditioner, stereo components, etc.