Sharp LL-T15G1 Computer Monitor User Manual

- The TFT color LCD panel used in this monitor is
made with the application of high precision
technology. However, there may be minute points
on the screen where pixels never light or are
permanently lit. Also, if the screen is viewed from
an acute angle there may be uneven colors or
brightness. Please note that these are not
malfunctions but common phenomena of LCDs
and will not affect the performance of the monitor.
- Do not leave the screen displaying idly for long
periods of time, as this could cause afterimage to
- If the brightness is adjusted to the minimum setting
it may be difficult to see the screen.
- The quality of the computer signal may influence
the quality of the display. We recommend using a
computer able to emit high quality video signals.
- Never rub or tap the monitor with hard objects.
- Please understand that Sharp Corporation bears
no responsibility for errors made during use by the
customer or a third party, nor for any other
malfunctions or damage to this product arising
during use, except where indemnity liability is
recognized under law.
- This monitor and its accessories may be upgraded
without advance notice.
- Do not use the monitor where ventilation is poor,
where there is a lot of dust, where humidity is high,
or where the monitor may come into contact with
oil or steam, as this could lead to fire.
- Ensure that the monitor does not come into
contact with water or other fluids. Ensure that no
objects such as paper clips or pins enter the
monitor as this could lead to fire or electric shock.
- Do not place the monitor on top of unstable objects
or in unsafe places. Do not allow the monitor to
come into contact with strong shocks or vibrations.
Causing the monitor to fall or topple over may
damage it.
- Do not use in places where the monitor will be
subject to direct sunlight, near heating equipment
or anywhere else where there is likelihood of high
temperature, as this may lead to generation of
excessive heat and outbreak of fire.
The Power Cord
- Do not damage the power cord nor place heavy
objects on it, stretch it or overly bend it. Also, do
not add extension cords. Damage to the cord may
result in fire or electric shock.
- Use only the AC adapter supplied with the monitor.
Using an AC adapter other than that supplied may
lead to fire.
- Insert the power plug directly into the AC outlet.
Adding an extension cord may lead to fire as a
result of overheating.
Monitor and accessory checklist
- Please check that the following items are included
in the package.
- LCD monitor (1)
- AC adapter (1)
(model name: NL-A60J , color: gray)
- RGB signal cable (1)
- Utility Disk (For Windows/Macintosh) (1)
- Operation manual (1)
- You are advised to retain the carton in case the
monitor needs to be transported.
- Sharp Corporation holds authorship rights to the
Utility Disk program. Do not reproduce it without
Use of AC adapter
- Do not use the AC adapter for other than the
specified equipment.
- Unplug the AC adapter if it is not used for long
- Do not place any objects on the AC adapter.
- Do not use the AC adapter outdoors.
- Do not attempt to repair the AC adapter if it is
broken or malfunctioning. Refer the servicing to the
service representative.
- Do not try to open the AC adapter.
- Do not use water or wet cloth for cleaning the AC
Manual Scope
- In this booklet, Microsoft Windows XP will be
referred to as [WindowsXP], Microsoft Windows
Millenium as [WindowsMe], Microsoft Windows
2000 as [Windows2000], Microsoft Windows 98 as
[Windows98], Microsoft Windows 95 as
[Windows95], and Microsoft Windows Version 3.1
as [Windows3.1]. When there is no need to
distinguish between programs, the term [Windows]
will be used.
- Microsoft and Windows are registered trademarks
of Microsoft Corporation.
- Macintosh is a registered trademark of Apple
Computer, Inc.
Tips and safety precautions