Sony MRW-EA7 Barcode Reader User Manual

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3-218-810-23 (1)
Use the removable disk icon for the memory
card you are using.
It may take a while for the removable disk
icons to appear.
If the removable disk icons do not appear,
follow the steps under “Disconnecting the
Reader/Writer From the Computer” in the
Operating Instructions (this manual) to
disconnect the reader/writer, and then wait
at least 5 seconds before reconnecting it.
If the [Safely Remove Hardware] icon
mentioned in step 1 of “Disconnecting the
Reader/Writer From the Computer” is not
displayed, skip the rest of the procedure and
immediately disconnect the reader/writer.
Depending on your operating system and
the type of memory card you are using, the
reader/writer drives may be recognized as
“Local Disks” instead of “Removable
Disks,” but this will not affect their
x For Windows 7 and Macintosh
1 Insert a memory card into the
corresponding slot.
The removable disk icon appears on the
When a volume label is assigned to the
memory card, the volume label will be
displayed together with the removable
disk icon.
2 Use the removable disk icon to
read or write data on the memory
x For Macintosh
x For Windows 7
Do not remove a memory card while the access
indicator is blinking. Doing so many cause
damage to the data stored on the memory card.
Be sure to follow the steps described below.
Sony accepts no responsibility for any damage or
loss that results from removing a memory card
without following the procedure described
x For Windows other than Windows 7
1 Make sure the access indicator
is not blinking.
2 Open [My Computer].
3 Right-click the removable disk
icon, and select [Eject].
4 Pull the memory card straight
x For Windows 7
1 Click the Start Button.
2 Click [Devices and Printers].
3 Right click [USB2.0 Card R/W]
drive icon.
4 Go to [Eject] with selection
5 Pull the memory card straight
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