Sony MRW-EA7 Barcode Reader User Manual

G:\SONY PD\Data 2010\Sony PD_O1 model\MRW-EA7 mod-
3-218-810-23 (1)
x For Windows other than Windows 7
The following explanation is illustrated with
screens from Windows XP.
The screens may differ for other versions of
1 Open [My Computer].
2 Make sure the removable disk
icons appear in [My Computer].
Drive letters for the removable disk icons
are assigned in alphabetical order to the
CompactFlash/Microdrive Slot,
xD-Picture Card Slot, MultiMediaCard /
SD Memory Card Slot, “Memory Stick”
Slot and “Memory Stick Micro” (“M2”)
media / microSD Card Slot.
For example, if the computer has an A:,
C:, and D: drive before connecting the
reader/writer, the drive letters will be
assigned as follows when the reader/
writer is connected:
3 Insert a memory card into the
corresponding slot.
When a volume label has been assigned
to the memory card, the volume label will
be displayed together with the removable
disk icon.
4 Use the removable disk icon to
read or write data on the memory
If the following message appears, the
memory card has not been recognized
correctly, even though the access
indicator lights up. Remove the card and
insert it again.
Reading and Writing Data on a
Memory Card
Computer drive
memory card
Removable Disk (E:)
Removable Disk (F:) xD-Picture Card
Removable Disk (G:)
SD Memory Card
Removable Disk (H:) “Memory Stick” media
Removable Disk (I:)
“Memory Stick Micro”
(“M2”) media
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