Sony MRW-EA7 Barcode Reader User Manual

G:\SONY PD\Data 2010\Sony PD_O1 model\MRW-EA7 mod-
3-218-810-23 (1)
5 Pull the USB Cable out from
x For Macintosh
1 Close the files saved on the
memory card, and exit any
currently running applications.
2 Make sure the access indicator
is not blinking.
3 Drag the removable disk icon to
the [Trash].
Alternatively, select the removable disk
icon, access the [File] menu on the menu
bar, and select [Eject “Untitled”]
* Depending on the memory card, a different
label than “Untitled” may be shown.
If no memory card is inserted into the
reader/writer, skip this step.
4 Disconnect the reader/writer
from the computer.
Installing the Drive
Letter Recognition
(Windows Only)
Before starting installation, read the “End
User License Agreement.” (Page 19)
1 Download the installer file from
the web site. The installer file can
be downloaded from the
following URL
2 Close all programs that are still
3 Double click the installer file.
(For windows Vista and windows
7, User Account Control window
will appear, click on [Allow].)
4 When the following window
appears, the installing is
completed, and click [OK]. Page 13 Friday, July 23, 2010 5:21 PM