Sony MRW-EA7 Barcode Reader User Manual

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3-218-810-23 (1)
Notes on Icons
Once the Drive Letter Recognition Software
is installed, the Removable Disk icons and
their descriptions change.
For example, if the computer has an A:, C:,
and D: drive before connecting the reader/
writer, the drive letters will be assigned as
follows when the reader/writer is connected:
The use of this software is intended only for this
reader/writer. Other reader/writers may not work
with this software.
Uninstall any similar software before installation
to ensure that the software functions properly.
About “Memory
Stick” media
What is “Memory Stick”?
“Memory Stick” is a compact-size IC
recording media with a high capacity. It has
been designed not only exchanging/sharing
digital data among “Memory Stick”
compliant products, but also for serving as a
removable external storage media that can
save data.
Notes on “Memory Stick”
On formatting (initialization)
If you format media in which data has been
already written, all the data will be erased.
Please be cautious not to mistakenly erase
any important data.
Please make sure to format (initialize) a
media by the formatter of a “Memory
Stick” compliant product. If it is initialized
with Windows Explorer, a FORMAT
ERROR occurs, it might become unusable
on this product.
About the size of “Memory Stick”
This product has a slot that can take both
standard size and Duo size. All the products
with such a slot as this are equipped with a
system which automatically measures the
size of an inserted media. That’s why both
standard-size “Memory Stick” media and
smaller “Memory Stick Duo” media can be
used on this product without any Memory
Stick Duo Adaptor.
Do not insert two or more pieces of media
at the same time. It might cause damage to
the product.
When you use “Memory Stick Duo” media
and “Memory Stick Micro” media on this
product, please make sure to insert it in the
right direction.
“Memory Stick Duo” media and “Memory
Stick Micro” media should be kept away
from small children to prevent them from
accidentally swallowing it.
Computer drive name
memory card
CF/Microdrive (E:)
xD (F:)
xD-Picture Card
SD Memory Card
Memory Stick (H:)
“Memory Stick”
M2/microSD (I:)
“Memory Stick
Micro” (“M2”)
media microSD
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