Sony SXV-M5C Webcam User Manual

Handbook for SXV-M5C Issue 1 August 2004
Starlight Xpress Ltd
CCD camera user manual
Thank you for purchasing a Starlight Xpress CCD camera. We hope that you will be
very satisfied with the results. The SXV-M5C is a medium-resolution cooled CCD
camera, especially designed for colour astronomical imaging. The SXV-M5C uses a
Sony SuperHAD CCD, with 500 x 582 pixels in a 4.9mm x 3.65mm active area.
SuperHAD devices have the greatest quantum efficiency of any interline transfer
CCD currently available and the use of high performance microlenses on the CCD
surface gives the greatest possible throughput of light to the pixels. This camera is a
next generation version of the parallel port driven MX5C, but the use of an internal
USB2 interface and the addition of an external guide camera option makes it
considerably more effective.
Please take a few minutes to study the contents of this manual, which will help you to
get the camera into operation quickly and without problems. I am sure that you want
to see some results as soon as possible, so please move on to the ‘Quick Start’ section,
which follows. A more detailed description of imaging techniques will be found in a
later part of this manual.