Sony UPA-PC100 Printer User Manual

Addendum for the UPA-PC100
This document provides additional information about
specification changes and new features added since
the release of Ver. 2.04. Please use this document
together with the Ver. 1.00 manuals (User’s Guide and
Operating Instructions), and the addendum for Ver.
Changes: Ver. 2.04 to Ver. 2.05
The following specifications have been added:
UP-DR100 Update Function
The firmware of the UP-DR100 printer can be updated to the latest version.
UY-S100 Compatibility and UY-S90/100 Lookup Table Settings
Compatibility is now provided for Film Scanner UY-S100 with SCSI
connection. Further, the UY-S90/100 lookup table can now be selected.
“Shop staff only” Output Service
The [Shop staff only] output service allows printing several prints of one
image together in standard sizes.
Addition of Currency Unit
A wider variety of currency unit options for charges are displayed on the
control screen than were available with the old version. It is also possible to
select non-display of the currency unit.
Updating the UP-DR100
This function updates the firmware of the UP-DR100 connected to the UPA-PC100
with the most recent version.
The version update is performed on the Configuration Utility’s [Setting – H/W
– Printer – UP-DR100] screen. For details about how to start and end the
Configuration Utility, refer to the User’s Guide (separate booklet).
After you touch the [Version Up] button, a message prompts you to confirm that
you want to update the UP-DR100 firmware. Touch the [OK] button and then
follow the instructions displayed on the screen to perform the procedure.
After the version update is completed, be sure to switch off all UP-DR100s
connected to the UPA-PC100 and the UPA-PC100 itself, then switch the
equipment on again.
Sony Corporation ©2002 3-206-885-13(1)
Version Updates
The following notice applies to each FIRMWARE PROGRAM provided by
Sony Corporation (hereinafter referred to as Sony). Please read the following
notice before upgrading the firmware.
By upgrading the firmware, you accept to the following terms and condition.
Execute the update procedure carefully. Failure to update the firmware
properly could cause the equipment to malfunction.
Sony shall not be liable for any damages or losses caused by a procedural
error by the customer during the firmware upgrade.
Cost to repair damage to the product caused updating the firmware incorrectly
shall be borne by the customer, even if the product is still under warranty.
Sony authorized service facilities provide firmware upgrade assistance on
request for a fee. If you require assistance, please contact the dealer where you
purchased the product or any Sony authorized service facility.
Changing the UY-S90/100 Lookup Table
The lookup table of the Film Scanner UY-S90/100 connected to the UPA-PC100
can be changed.
The lookup table can be changed on the [Setting – H/W – Scanner – UY-S90/
100] screen of the Configuration Utility. For details about how to start and end
the Configuration Utility, refer to the User’s Guide (separate booklet). For
details about the differences in scanned images caused by changing the lookup
table, please refer to the instructions provided with the UY-S90/100.
The lookup table used by the UY-S90/100 is selected from [Photo] and
[Publishing]. Touch the [LUT] button to open a screen, touch the button of the
desired lookup table, then touch the [OK] button.
Printing a Photo in Standard Sizes
Several prints of one image can be output in standard sizes.
The size of print paper cannot be selected once the procedure has been started.
Before beginning this procedure, please select the print paper size with the
Configuration Utility. For details about how to change the Configuration Utility
settings, please refer to “Changing the Settings” below.