Toshiba (T)XM6401B/F1 Computer Drive User Manual

TOSHIBA XM-6401B/TXM6401F1 CD-ROM Drive 7
You are now ready to install your CD-ROM inside your computer.
You should refer to the book that came with your computer, as com-
puter casings are different from each other. Usually the casing is at-
tached to the frame by a number of screws at the back. Turn your
computer around, so the back faces you, and look for 4 or 6 screws
around the edge of the casing. Remove the screws and put them some-
where safe. Lift or slide casing away from computer frame, and place
aside (make sure to allow yourself enough workspace for the CD-
ROM installation).
The XM-6401B CD-ROM drive can be placed in any free half-height
drive slot at the front of your computer. (It can be mounted horizon-
tally or vertically.) You most likely will have to remove the cover plate
which conceals the front of the open slot (see your computer book on
how to remove panel).
Carefully start sliding the CD-ROM drive into the opening with the
disc tray facing the front of the computer. Before you push drive all
the way in you will need to connect the SCSI interface cable and the
power cable to the back of the drive.
Installing XM-6401B