Toshiba (T)XM6401B/F1 Computer Drive User Manual

14 TOSHIBA XM-6401B/TXM6401F1 CD-ROM Drive
SCSI - Locate the SCSI interface card connection or SCSI port at the
back of your computer. Plug the SCSI cable into socket, making sure
it fits snugly. (If the plug has fixing screws or clips, use them to ensure
the connector is firmly fixed.) Plug the other end of the cable into one
of the sockets found on the back of the CD-ROM drive (the other
connector should have a terminator installed, or if daisy-chaining, be
attached to another SCSI device). You must use a daisy-chain cable if
you are connecting more than one SCSI device to your computer.
Only the last drive in the chain will need to have an external termina-
tor installed.
Power - Connect power to CD-ROM using the power cord included
with your CD-ROM.
SCSI Cabling and Power Connector
Audio (optional) - Audio jacks are located at the rear of the CD-
ROM drive. These audio jacks can be used to connect your CD-
ROM to an external amplified audio device.