Toshiba (T)XM6401B/F1 Computer Drive User Manual

22 TOSHIBA XM-6401B/TXM6401F1 CD-ROM Drive
he following describes the specifications of the XM-6401B
CD-ROM. (Specifications are subject to change without
Disk Formats
Red Book, Yellow Book, CD-ROM XA, CD-I Bridge
(Photo CD, Video CD), CD-I, CD-I Ready, CD-G and
Multisession (Photo-CD, CD EXTRA, CD-RW, CD-R)
Note: All CD formats, except CD-Red book (audio), require additional application specific
software and/or hardware. The XM-6401B CD-ROM drive is capable of reading these data
formats. However, in order to run applications that use these formats, you must first have the
required software and/or hardware.
Data Capacity (Yellow-Book)
User data block size:
Mode-1: 2,048 Bytes
Mode-2: 2,336 Bytes
Rotational Speed
6X-14X (PCAV): 3,000 rpm (apprx)
17.3X-40X (CAV): 8,500 rpm (apprx)
Transfer Rate Average Sustained Block Transfer Rate
6X-14X: 450-1,050 blocks/second
17.3X-40X: 1,295-3,000 blocks/second
Mode 1 Sustained Data Transfer Rate
6X-14X: 900-2,100 Kbytes/second
17.3X-40X: 2,595-6,000 Kbytes/second
Mode 2 Sustained Data Transfer Rate
6X-14X: 1,026-2,394 Kbytes/second
17.3X-40X: 2,958-6,840 Kbytes/second
Burst (SCSI interface):
Async: 5 Mbytes/second
Sync: 20 Mbytes/second