ADTRAN 4200659L8 Switch User Manual

MX2800 STS-1
User Manual
January 2001
4200659L1 AC Non-Redundant Version with Modem
4200659L2 AC Redundant Version with Modem
4200659L3 DC Non-Redundant Version with Modem
4200659L4 DC Redundant Version with Modem
4200659L5 AC Non-Redundant Version
4200659L6 AC Redundant Version
4200659L7 DC Non-Redundant Version
4200659L8 DC Redundant Version
1200291L1 Breakout Panel
4175043L2 Battery Backup
1200657L2 Battery Backup Adapter Cable
1200287L1 Amp to Punch-Down Cable