Apple 1705 Computer Monitor User Manual

Troubleshooting Symptom Charts/No Raster - 5
Symptom Charts
No Raster
No raster with LED on 1 Check monitor cable connections. Thumbscrews must be
tightened securely. If a video card is used, the monitor
cable must be secured to the card.
2 Adjust brightness and contrast controls (see “User
Adjustments” in Adjustments).
3 A screen saver may be activated. Move mouse or press any
key to reactivate the screen.
4 The Energy Saver option may be on. Move mouse or press
any key on the keyboard to reactivate the display. The
display reactivates in about 20 seconds.
5 Some Macintosh computers may not wake up after Energy
Saver is activated. Restart computer and disable Energy
6 Go to “Check High Voltage.”