Apple 1705 Computer Monitor User Manual

Basics - 5
Special Tools
When adjusting the monitor, check luminance readings
using a color analyzer or photometer. If such equipment is
not available, then use a 246 or an L-248 light meter. Do
not use other light meters. The readings given in the
Adjustments chapter are based on these meters.
The Apple high-voltage probe (Apple part number 076-
0392) will also be needed. Readings must be based on this
probe and not on other high-voltage probes available on the
Do not
use other high-voltage probes.
The Display Service Utility (DSU) in the Diagnostics
Utilities folder on the Service Source Companion CD contains
display patterns to help adjust the display. Within the DSU,
select Pattern Selections: Multiple Scan 720/1705 to
access the screen patterns used for this monitor. Refer to
“Non User Adjustments” in the Adjustments chapter.