Apple 1705 Computer Monitor User Manual

Troubleshooting Symptom Charts/No Raster
- 6
No Raster
No raster with LED off 1 Ensure that power cord is plugged in properly.
2 Check power outlet at the wall by plugging in an
electronic device that works.
3 If the display is plugged into a computer, ensure that
computer is on and power cord firmly connected.
4 Check video cable connections at computer and monitor.
Thumbscrews must be secure. If a video card is used, the
video cable must be properly connected to it.
5 Replace video and main deflection boards. See “Main
Deflection, CRT/Video Boards and Rear Fence” in Take
Apart. Adjust cutoff and white balance. See “Cutoff and
White Balance” in Adjustments.
6 Send the monitor to Apple for repair.