Apple 23 Computer Monitor User Manual

Chapter 1 Lesson 1: Getting Music Into iTunes 14
To sign in to the iTunes Music Store:
1 Open iTunes and click Music Store in the Source list.
2 Click the Account button and follow the onscreen instructions to set up an Apple
Account or enter your existing Apple Account or AOL account information.
To find songs or audiobooks:
You can browse or search the iTunes Music Store to find the album, song, or artist
you’re looking for. Open iTunes and click Music Store in the Source list.
To browse the Music Store, choose a musical genre from the Choose Genre
pop-up menu on the top-left side of the store, click one of the albums or songs in
the center or right side of the store, or click the Browse button in the top-right
corner of the window.
To search the Music Store, type the name of an album, song, artist, or composer
in the search field.
To search only artist or composer names, or album or song titles, choose an
item from the search field pop-up menu.
To search for a combination of items, choose Power Search from the search
field pop-up menu.
To return to the front of the Music Store, click the Home button at the top-left side
of the store.
To buy a song, album, or audiobook:
1 Click Music Store in the Source list, then find the song or album you want to buy.
You can double-click a song to listen to a portion of it and make sure it’s the song
you want. (If your network connection is slower than 128 kbps, choose
iTunes > Preferences, and in the Store pane select the “Load complete preview
before playing” checkbox.)
2 Click Buy Song or Buy Album.
The song is downloaded to your hard disk and charged to the credit card listed
on your Apple or AOL account. Page 14 Tuesday, July 13, 2004 12:50 PM