Apple 23 Computer Monitor User Manual

iPod and iTunes at a Glance 7
Use the iPod controls to navigate through onscreen menus, play songs, change
settings, and view information.
iPod Controls
Hold switch Use the Hold switch to disable the iPod controls, so you don’t
press buttons accidentally.
iPod Remote port Connect optional accessories, such as the iPod Remote.
Headphones port Connect headphones and speakers with a standard
3.5 millimeter stereo miniplug.
Menu button Press to go back to the previous menu. Press and hold to turn
on the backlight.
Select button Press to turn on iPod. If iPod is on, press to select a menu item
or play a song.
Previous/Rewind button Press to restart the current song. Press twice to play the
previous song. Press and hold to rewind.
Press to play the next song. Press and hold to fast-forward.
Click Wheel Run a thumb or finger around the Click Wheel to scroll through
menu items. From the Now Playing screen, use to change the
volume. Press the buttons on the Click Wheel to control iPod.
Play/Pause button Press to play the highlighted song. While a song is playing,
press to pause. Press and hold to turn off iPod.
iPod Remote port
Menu button
Previous/Rewind button
Click Wheel
Select button
Next/Fast-forward button
Dock connector port
Hold switch
Headphones port
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