Apple 23 Computer Monitor User Manual

iPod and iTunes at a Glance 9
iPod Now Playing Screen
When a song is playing, the Now Playing screen appears. When you see the
Now Playing screen, you can run your thumb or finger around the Click Wheel
to change the volume. Click the Menu button to go back to the previous menu.
Now Playing Screen
Song number Shows the number of the song playing within the current
sequence of songs.
Repeat icon The Repeat icon ( ) appears if iPod is set to repeat all songs.
The Repeat Once icon ( ) appears if iPod is set to repeat
one song.
Song information Displays the song title and the artist.
Shuffle icon The Shuffle icon ( ) appears if iPod is set to shuffle songs
or albums.
Song time Displays time elapsed and time remaining for the current song.
Press the Select button to show the scrubber bar, then use the
Click Wheel to scroll to another point in the song.
Repeat icon
Shuffle icon
Song time
Song number
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