Apple 23 Computer Monitor User Manual

Chapter 3 Lesson 3: Playing Music on iPod 25
Using the Backlight
The iPod screen has a bright backlight, for low-light conditions.
To turn on the backlight:
Select Backlight from the main menu, or press and hold Menu for a couple of
seconds until you see the backlight turn on.
To turn off the backlight:
Press and hold Menu again.
Once You Have Learned to Play Music
on iPod
Once you’ve learned to play music on iPod, you may want to learn about some
other features of iPod. To learn about using iPod as a hard disk, so you can store
files and other data on iPod, read Lesson 4. To learn more advanced ways of
transferring and managing music, read Lesson 5. Page 25 Tuesday, July 13, 2004 12:50 PM