Apple 23 Computer Monitor User Manual

Chapter 3 Lesson 3: Playing Music on iPod 23
Playing Songs
To get a feel for working with the iPod menus, follow the instructions below to
browse for and play a song.
To browse for and play a song:
1 Connect the earphones to your iPod and put them on.
2 Select Music > Songs.
3 Scroll to a song and press the Play/Pause button or the Select button.
When a song starts playing, you see information about the song in the
Now Playing screen.
To change the volume:
If the Now Playing screen is showing, use the Click Wheel to raise or lower the
Note: If a song is playing and you don’t see the Now Playing screen, wait a
few seconds and it will appear, or press Menu repeatedly until you see the main
menu, then select Now Playing. Use the Click Wheel to change the volume.
To move to the next or previous song:
Press Next/Fast-forward to move to the next song. Press Previous/Rewind
once to move to the beginning of the current song, and twice to move to the
previous song.
To move immediately to another place in the currently
playing song:
1 From the Now Playing screen, press the Select button. The progress bar is
replaced by a scrubber bar.
2 Use the Click Wheel to scroll to another part of the song. After a brief moment,
the song jumps to the new position. Page 23 Tuesday, July 13, 2004 12:50 PM