Apple 23 Computer Monitor User Manual

iPod and iTunes at a Glance 6
How to Use the Tutorial
This tutorial has five lessons that teach you how to play music on your new iPod
and use some other iPod features. Before starting the lessons, look through this
chapter to get a feel for iPod and iTunes. You may want to refer back to this
chapter as you go through the tutorial lessons.
To get music on your iPod quickly, follow the directions in Lessons 1 to 3, starting
on page 11. In these lessons, you learn how to get music into iTunes, transfer
music from iTunes to iPod, and use the iPod controls to play music.
To learn how to use iPod as a hard disk, so you can store other files from your PC
on iPod, go through Lesson 4 (see page 26). To learn more advanced ways of
transferring and managing your music, go through Lesson 5 (see page 29).
Before You Begin
Before you start, make sure that you complete the following:
Insert the iPod CD into your PC and install iTunes and the iPod software.
To make it easier to complete the lessons, print this document.
Be sure your PC and operating system meet the minimum iPod system
requirements. See the iPod User’s Guide for system requirements. Page 6 Tuesday, July 13, 2004 12:50 PM