Apple 23 Computer Monitor User Manual

Chapter 2 Lesson 2: Transferring Music to iPod 19
Transferring Music to iPod
By default, iPod is set to update automatically with all songs and playlists when
you connect it to your PC. This is the simplest way to transfer music to your iPod.
You just connect iPod to your PC, let it add songs automatically, then disconnect it
and go.
While music is being transferred from your PC to iPod, the iTunes status window
shows progress, and the iPod icon in the Source list flashes red.
When the transfer is complete, a message in iTunes says “iPod update is
If there is more music in your iTunes library than can fit on your iPod, a dialog
appears asking if you want iTunes to choose which songs to transfer. You can also
set iTunes to let you update iPod manually, so you can drag individual songs to
iPod and delete individual songs from iPod, or you can set iTunes to update iPod
automatically with only selected songs or playlists.
To learn these ways of transferring music to iPod, see “Lesson 5: Managing Music
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