BenQ PB2250 Projector User Manual

Operation 17
Start up
1. Switch all of the connected equipment on.
2. Plug the power cord into the projector and into a wall
socket. Turn on the wall socket switch (where fitted).
Turn on the power point (if switched). Check that the
Power indicator on the projector lights orange after
power has been applied.
3. Remove the lens cap. If it is left on, it could become
deformed due to heat.
4. Press and hold (for 2 seconds) the Power button on
the remote control or projector to start the unit. The
Power indicator light flashes green and stays green
when the unit is on.
5. The start up procedure takes about 30 seconds after
pressing Power. In the later stage of start up, a default
BenQ logo is projected.
6. If you are prompted for a password, press the arrow
buttons to select the four password digits, then press
Auto. For information about the password function,
refer to page 17.
7. The projector will start to search for input signals. The projector screen displays the
current input source being scanned at the bottom right corner of the screen. If no
input source signal is detected, the search will continue until an input source signal is
8. You can also press Source on the projector or remote control to select an input signal
to display. For more information, please refer to page 21.
If the frequency/ resolution of the input signal exceeds the projector’s operating range, you
will see the message “Out of Range” displayed on a blank screen.
Utilizing the password function
For security purposes and to help prevent unauthorized use, the projector includes an
option for setting up password security. The password can be set through the on-screen
menu. For details of the on-screen menu operation, please refer to page 23 for information.
WARNING: You will be inconvenienced if you activate the password functionality and
subsequently forget the password. Write the password you used in this manual, and keep the
manual in a safe place for later recall.
To set a password:
CAUTION: Once a password has been set, the projector cannot be used unless the correct
password is entered every time the projector is started.
1. Open the on-screen menu and go to Setting > Password. Select by
pressing 3 or 4.