BenQ PB2250 Projector User Manual

Operation 21
Switching input signals
The projector can be connected to multiple devices at the
same time. To sequentially select input sources, press the
Source button on the projector control panel or the remote
control. The selected source will be displayed at the bottom
right of the screen for 3 seconds.
Hiding the image
In order to draw the audience’s full attention to the presenter
during a presentation, you can use the Blank button to hide the
screen image. Press the Blank button again to restore the image. A
word “BLANK” will display at the bottom right corner of the
screen when the image is hidden.
Set the duration of blank time in Advance > Blank Time
Do not block the projection lens from projecting as this could cause
the blocking object to become heated and deformed or even cause a
1. Press Power and a confirmation prompt
displays. Press Power a second time to turn
the projector off.
2. The Power indicator light flashes orange and
the lamp shuts down. The fans will continue
to run for approximately 90 seconds to cool
down the projector lamp.
To protect the lamp, the projector will not respond to
any commands during the cooling process.
Do not unplug the power cord before the projector
shutdown sequence is complete or during the 90-
second cooling down process.