BenQ PB2250 Projector User Manual

Operation 27
4. Advance menu
The projector can be installed on a ceiling or behind a screen, or with one
or more mirrors. Contact your dealer for the ceiling mount bracket
(optional accessory) if you need to install the projector on your ceiling.
For more information, refer to page 11.
Blank Time
Sets the image blank time when the Blank feature is activated, once
elapsed the image will return to the screen.
Source Scan
Sets whether the projector searches automatically for input signals. If the
source scan is on ( ), the projector will scan for input signals until it
acquires a signal. If the function is not activated, the projector selects the
last used input signal.
Language sets the language for the OSD control menus.
Use 3 Left/ Right 4on the projector or 3/ 4 on the remote control to
select your desired language from among English, French, German,
Italian, Spanish, Russian, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese,
Japanese, and Korean.
Enables the user to select which logo screen will appear during projector
start-up. Three modes are available: Default (BenQ logo), black screen or
blue screen.
High Altitude
A mode for extreme environments like high altitude and high tempera-
ture. We recommend you use the High Altitude Mode when your environ-
ment is higher than 3000 feet above sea level, and is hotter than 40
To activate the High Altitude Mode, select by pressing 3 or 4on the
projector or remote control. A confirmation message displays. Press Auto.
Next time you turn on the projector, it will show a message pictured below
as a reminder during the start-up.
Operation under "High Altitude Mode" may cause a higher decibel
operating noise level because of increased fan speed necessary to improve
overall system cooling and performance.
If you use this projector under other extreme environments excluding the
above, it may display auto shut-down symptoms, which is designed to
protect your projector from over-heating. In cases like this, you should
switch to High Altitude mode to solve these symptoms. However, this is
not to state that this projector can operate under any and all harsh or
extreme environments.
We recommend you use the High Altitude Mode by selecting
when your environment is higher than 3000 feet, and is hotter than 40°C.
Do you want to turn on High Altitude Mode?
Yes Auto No 5
Current Status
High Altitude Mode On
This mode is used for protecting projector from extreme environment and may cause high
fan speed.