BenQ PB2250 Projector User Manual

Maintenance 31
This lamp contains mercury. Consult your local hazardous waste regulations to dispose of
this lamp in a proper manner.
Step 1. Turn the power off and disconnect the projector from the wall socket.
Step 2. Protect the projector's surface by clearing a flat open area on your desk and placing a
soft item on the desk for padding.
Step 3. Turn the projector over. Then loosen the screws and remove the lamp cover. If the
lamp is hot, avoid burns by waiting for 45 minutes until the lamp has cooled.
Step 4. Loosen the screw fixing the lamp to the
projector. If the screw is not loosened
completely, the lamp cannot be removed. Be
careful not to lose the screw as it is needed to
hold the replacement lamp in place. It is
strongly recommended that you use a
magnetic-head screwdriver.
Step 5. Lift the handle so that it stands up. Use the
handle to slowly pull the lamp out of the
Pulling it too quickly may cause the lamp to break and
scatter broken glass in the projector.
Do not place the lamp in locations where water might
splash on it, children can reach it, or near flammable
Do not insert your hands into the projector after the lamp
is removed. If you touch the optical components inside, it could cause color unevenness and
distortion of the projected images.
Step 6. Insert a new lamp. Ensure the handle is fully laid flat and locked in place. Reinsert
and tighten the screw firmly.
Loose screw may cause a bad connection, which could result in malfunction.
Do not over tighten the screw.
Step 7. Reinstall the lamp cover and tighten the screws.
Step 8. Restart the projector.
Do not turn the power on with the lamp cover