BenQ PB2250 Projector User Manual

Lamp information
Warning message
When the Lamp indicator lights up red or a message appears suggesting it is time to replace
the lamp, please install a new lamp. An old lamp may cause a malfunction in the projector
and in some instances the lamp may break.
For more detailed information on lamp warnings, please refer to page 32.
The Lamp indicator light and Temperature warning light will light up if the lamp becomes too
hot. Turn the power off and let the projector cool for 45 minutes. If the Lamp or Temp indicator
still lights up after turning the power back on, please contact your dealer.
The following Lamp warning displays will remind you to change the lamp. The lamp hour
information is also available in Information > Lamp Hour menu.
Replacing the lamp
To reduce the risk of electrical shock, always turn the projector off and disconnect the power
cord before changing the lamp.
To reduce the risk of severe burns, allow the projector to cool for at least 45 minutes before
replacing the lamp.
To reduce the risk of injuries to fingers and damage to internal components, use caution when
removing lamp glass that has shattered into sharp pieces.
To reduce the risk of injuries to fingers and/or compromising image quality by touching the
lens, do not touch the empty lamp compartment when the lamp is removed.
Message Status
The lamp has been in operation for 1980 hours.
Install a new lamp for optimal performance. If the
projector is normally run with Preset "Economic
Mode" selected (page 24), you may continue to
operate the projector until the 2980 hour lamp
warning appears.
The lamp has been in operation for 2980 hours, the
power will shutdown in 20 hours time. A new lamp
should be fitted to avoid the inconvenience when the
projector runs out of lamp time.
The lamp has been in operation for over 3000 hours.
This message will flash in the center of the screen
together with the Lamp indicator lighting up red for
40 seconds. The projector will shutdown after 40
seconds. The lamp MUST be replaced before the
projector will operate normally.