BenQ PB2250 Projector User Manual

Important safety instructions2
Safety instructions
1. The lamp becomes extremely hot
during operation. Allow the
projector to cool for approximately
45 minutes prior to removing the
lamp assembly for replacement.
2. Do not operate lamps beyond the
rated lamp life. Excessive operation
of lamps beyond the rated life could
cause them to break on rare
3. Never replace the lamp assembly or
any electronic components unless
the projector is unplugged.
4. Do not place this product on an
unstable cart, stand, or table. The
product may fall, sustaining serious
5. To reduce the risk of electric shock,
do not disassemble this appliance.
Take it to a qualified technician
when service or repair is required.
Incorrect reassembly can cause
malfunction of the projector or
electric shock when the appliance is
subsequently used.
6. This product is capable of displaying
inverted images for ceiling mount
installation. Please use BenQ’s
Ceiling Mounting Kit for mounting
the unit and ensure it is securely