GE PBe Switch User Manual

Installation overview
The basic steps required to install the PBe are:
1. Physically connect the PBe interface to the network
switch or hub and the DVR using the supplied cables.
2. Program monitor mode to on by setting SW1 switches 1
to 4. See SW1 switches 1 to 4 on page 20 for the switch
3. Program the camera number to be associated with the
ATM’s transaction data to the PBe. See SW1 switches 5
to 8 on page 21.
4. Program the DVR to record in the way desired for your
specific site.
Required information
The following information is required for a successful PBe
installation. This information is used to configure the PBe. You
will need to contact the customer’s ATM network administrator
for answers to these questions.
Ethernet device type
Generic interface
Native ATM messages (FC)
Verifone POS
Ethernet data analyzer