GE PBe Switch User Manual

ProBridge Ethernet
User Manual
the list will be selected. The PBe supports the following Ethernet
Generic interface
Native ATM messages (FC)
Verifone POS
Ethernet data analyzer
Note: The Ethernet device can also be selected by DIP switch. See SW3
switches 1 to 8 on page 22.
Terminal IP/Camera Set-up menu
Selecting option #3 from the main menu launches the Terminal
IP/Camera Set-up menu.
Figure 8. The terminal IP/camera set-up menu
Option #2 lets you associate cameras to terminals by the camera
number and the terminals IP address. To associate a camera to a
specific terminal do the following:
1. Press #2 and the enter key to display the camera/terminal
2. Enter the camera number that you want and the enter key.
3. Type in the IP address of the terminal to associate to the
camera and press the enter key.