GE PBe Switch User Manual

Installation environment
Power. Ensure that the installation site’s AC power is stable
and within the rated voltage of the external power supply.
If the site’s AC power is likely to have spikes or DIPs,
use power line conditioning or an uninterruptible power
Temperature. Observe the unit’s ambient temperature
specifications when choosing a location for the unit.
Extremes of heat or cold beyond the specified operating
temperature limits may cause the unit to fail. Do not
install this unit on top of other hot equipment.
Moisture. Do not expose the unit to rain or moisture.
Moisture can damage internal components. Do not
install this unit near sources of water.
RS-232 limitations. Cable length between the POS device
and the PBe is limited to 50 ft. (15.24 m) Cable length
between the PBe unit and the DVR is also limited to 50
ft. (15.24 m). If the supplied cables are replaced by
custom made cables to address distances between
components, ensure the cable is manufactured to ANSI
standards for RS-232 communication.
Power specifications
The PBe is furnished with a power supply (110 or 240 VAC). Do
not use any other power supply with this product. The
manufacturer accepts no responsibility for damage caused by the
use of any other power supply.
Make sure installation is complete and all connections are made
before applying power to the unit.