GE PBe Switch User Manual

Main Menu
There are five menu selections on the Main Menu:
Exit - Exits the maim menu and saves any changes.
PBe Set-up - provides IP address setup and Ethernet
device selection.
Terminal IP/Camera Set-up - Enables or disables the IP
camera and provides addressing options.
Monitor Mode - Toggles Ethernet monitoring On or Off.
Toggle Analyzer Mode - Used for Technical support
PBe Set-up menu
Selecting option #2 from the main menu launches the PBe Set-up
Figure 7. The PBe Set-up menu
We recommend that you do not change the IP addresses from the
defaults shown in Figure 7. The Ethernet Device option is the
only option in this menu that you should change. To change the
Ethernet device press 5 and then the enter key. The next device on