GE PBe Switch User Manual

ProBridge Ethernet
User Manual
After you install the PBe, you need to program the ProBridge for
operation. This is accomplished by using HyperTerminal or
manually setting the DIP switches.
HyperTerminal configuration
You will need the following equipment to program the PBe using
A PC or laptop computer with a COM port and Windows
98/NT/200/XP installed and operational.
The supplied 4310-0061A PB3 to PC (DB9F to DB9F)
To program the PBe with HyperTerminal, do the following:
1. Remove power and disconnect the PBe from the DVR.
2. Plug the 4310-0061A cable into Port 2 of the PBe and a
free COM port on your PC, typically COM1.
3. Launch HyperTerminal, found in