GE PBe Switch User Manual

The PBe is a specific ProBridge unit for interfacing the DVR
family of digital video multiplex/recorders to financial institution
automated teller machines (ATMs). The PBe supports Ethernet
network communications.
Note: The PBe operates in an NTSC environment (120 VAC/60 Hz) or a PAL
environment (220 VAC/50 Hz) provided the correct unit is ordered.
The PBe is compatible with all of the following DVR products:
DVMRe, version 3.07 and above.
DVMR-eZ, version 3.20 and above.
Triplex, version 4.00 and above.
Triplex-eZ, version 4.03 and above.
WaveReader, version 3.6 and above.
The PBe components identified within this document provide
means of capturing transaction data for use by the DVR family of
digital video recording/transmission products. The PBe
components translate the data into a usable format by the DVR
and permits associating transaction data with specific cameras.
GE assumes no responsibility for the amount and type of
information available, the operation, non-operation, or erroneous
operation of these third-party transaction products.